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What are the benefits of a linear drain versus a standard circular drain?

A traditional center drain requires your wet (shower) area to be sloped in 4 directions, typically referred to as a 4-way slope, and requires a curb. This limits tile size choice to small sized tiles which in turn requires many grout lines which are hard to clean and are not waterproof.

A linear/channel drain gives you the ability to pitch your floor in one direction opening up design possibilities and time savings. You can use large format tiles, limiting the amount of grout lines. Have the option to do a curbless entrance for easy entry and ADA compliance. With 4 unique grate top options to choose you can match any design style.
Slope in 1 direction
No limitation on tile size or slab material
Can be placed as threshold or curb
Meets ADA requirements for handicap shower entry
No boundaries on design because of drain location
Outlet can be located anywhere on channel length
Drains water more efficiently