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Chinese Government “dual control of energy consumption” policy

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work of ensuring energy supply during the heating season and have made systematic deployment and arrangements. In response to the recent tight energy supply and demand situation, the National Development and Reform Commission is working with relevant parties to adhere to the people-centered approach, adhere to the system concept, adhere to the problem orientation, adhere to the bottom line thinking, and take multiple measures to strengthen the adjustment of supply and demand, focusing on taking measures from six aspects. Ensure the stable supply of energy this winter and next spring, and ensure the safety of residents' energy use. One is to increase energy supply resources through multiple channels. The second is to give full play to the role of "ballast stone" in medium and long-term contracts. Promote the full coverage of medium and long-term direct insurance contracts for the use of coal for power generation and heating, and fully sign annual and seasonal gas supply contracts to lock in resources as soon as possible. The third is to further do a good job in orderly energy use. Guide local governments to formulate orderly energy use plans scientifically and rationally, improve dynamic adjustment mechanisms, and ensure that users are informed and contractually agreed to ensure that the plans are executable, operable, and scientifically implemented. Stick to the bottom line of energy consumption for the people's livelihood. The fourth is to give full play to the important role of energy reserves and emergency support capabilities. Supervise and urge power plants to raise coal storage above a safe level before the heating season, accelerate the construction of emergency backup and peak shaving power supply capabilities, and strictly implement the gas injection schedule of gas storage facilities to ensure that it is full before winter. Fifth, rationally channel energy costs. While ensuring the stability of energy prices in people’s livelihood, agriculture, and public welfare sectors, the production and operation costs of energy enterprises shall be rationally channeled in strict accordance with price policies. The sixth is to effectively control unreasonable energy demand. Resolutely curb the unreasonable energy demand of the "two highs" projects, and promote coal-saving and coal-limiting in major coal-consuming industries.

We Sanipro Ningbo Master Building Material company will try our best to minimize the impact. Once the tight power supply is relieved, our production capacity will be restored immediately.