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With the opening of the 130th line of the Canton Fair

With the opening of the 130th line of the Canton Fair, our Ningbo Master Building Materials Co., Ltd. also actively participated in the live broadcast.
Between 15-19, we arranged 8 live broadcasts, each for two hours.

During the live broadcast, we will have dedicated personnel to show and introduce our products, including some of our newly designed and developed floor drains, faucets, shower sets, etc. Our main focus is stainless steel products. In recent years, stainless steel bathroom products have gradually become popular and replace copper products. The main characteristics of stainless steel are: lead-free, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, non-corrosion, high safety in use, Environmental pollution is small, so it is loved by customers in more and more countries. We are also committed to creating a series of stainless steel products belonging to our own brand SANIPRO to meet the needs of different customers.