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Sanipro New Style Sensor Faucet Recommendation and Introduction

Product name: Basin Sensor Faucet
Material: brass
Color: chrome
Scope of application: bathroom

Feature & Function:
1. Water saving: This faucet has water saving feature for its infrared sensor detects your hands movements. When hands in front of the faucet, the faucet will be turned on automatically and when hands move away, the faucet will be turned off. If the sensor is blocked by an object, the faucet will be turned off after 60 seconds, automatically. If you want the faucet to run more than 60 seconds, please move your hand away for 1 second and then reactive the faucet.
2. Hygienic: Due to the infrared sensor feature, there is no need to touch faucet to turn on or off the water, which reduces the chance of bacterial contamination and the spreading of infectious diseases.

1. Put your hand in the sensing range, the faucet should turn on. The faucet should turn off after removal within 0.5~2 seconds. The sensing distance will be adjusted automatically as per the condition of the lavatory and surrounding environment.
2. Facing the faucet, when rotating the handle to the front, the temperature of outlet water gets lower. When rotating the handle back, the temperature of outlet water gets higher.

Please ensure the system has been flushed before the installation to prevent damage.
* Position:The installation place for this faucet must avoid directly sunshine or too much light.
* Basin:This faucet suits for single-hole basin and the basin installation hole diameter should be 32mm to 35mm. The distance between basin installation hole center and basin's edge should be 50±10mm.

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