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2023 Sanipro Activities of International Women's Day

In order to harmonize the corporate culture, highlight the humanistic care, and let all the female compatriots of Sanipro spend the International Women's Day in a relaxed and happy way. Sanipro organized activities related to International Women's Day.

In the afternoon of March 8, Sanipro invited a senior beauty expert to give a lecture on "How to put on light makeup". The content was consistent with the topic most concerned by women, and was also very practical. Therefore, it aroused the interest of many colleagues. They listened attentively and recorded. The keynote teacher also painted makeup for a colleague as a demonstration, which not only made the colleague more beautiful, but also made the female colleagues present further increase their interest in the knowledge learned and deepen their impression.

In Sanipro, the number of female employees is more than half, Sanipro attaches great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of female employees, which truly reflects the values of the enterprise, and the organization of International Women's Day activities is just one example.